Anniversary Special

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Jogye Temple

At Myeong-dong Catholic Cathedral (Seoul)

This is my special blog, this blog won’t tackle Odiongan, but my life.

July 26, 2008. This is my husband and I 1st anniversary. Well he thought last Saturday was already July 26, (lol, he is so excited huh?) That’s why after visiting a Jogye temple (the largest buddhist shrine in Seoul) and Myeong-dong Catholic Cathedral, he brought me to Everest as part of the anniversary special. This is one of the happiest day of my life…

It was a so tiring day, my feet soar wandering around the city. He asked me what would I like to buy as anniversary cake, a normal cake or something special. Well after musing for a few minutes I just told him, up to you but I prefer a normal cake. Because I know we cannot eat a big cake, it is only the two of us. We will just waste money buying an extravagant cake. So as you can see the blueberry cake above is our first anniversary cake. It is so cute!

Late at night, after I have read a message from my sister that they are really broke as this time, I cannot stop my tears running down my face, then my husband came asking me if I received his e-card, I look at my spam folder and saw it there. When I opened the card I was touched and my tears run down again, call me silly but I ask him “Is this true?” He was shocked and said “What?” then I have to repeat my question. He laughed and says “Of course that is true”. I just cannot believed what it is written ” I am so lucky you are mine.”

“I thought…..” I have said a lot of i thought…finally our problem was resolved. We got a lot of misunderstanding with our jokes, moods and with our character. He said he was just kidding when he said I was his maid, that was a joke from a friend which he borrowed. He said one time they have a get together with his friends and they are drinking and some food fell to the floor, his friend said “Don’t cleaned it up my maid will do it ” maid referring to his canadian wife too. And there’s a lot more issues that had fixed that night. Maybe it only happened that I am very sensitive and we don’t know each other yet so deeply. Well we have been together for one month and 7 days, plus the 2 weeks during the wedding.

What I will not forgot too was when said he will help my family as of now that they are in crisis, I asked him why, I cannot stand seeing you crying. (I don’t want to see you cry. It sounds so sweet….

Maybe I could not write for two weeks, because we are going to China this Saturday as part of our anniversary special, it was his treat for me.

Thank you sweetie! I love you…..

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