Apartment Rental and Maintenance Fees

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ContractMany renters lose money by making mistakes of not reading their apartment contract before signing, on our part we have no contract with the property owner but my husband’s employer has. It was only lately that they found out that we have to pay maintenance fee every month, so we started paying two months after we moved to our apartment and few days after we are informed. It turns out we should also pay the maintenance fee from the first month we move in so when my husband received that memo I went to the bank to pay the two months balance, the next month we already pay on time which is every second of the month. But after few weeks my husband received a memo again about paying the maintenance fee, he was asked if he wants it salary deduction if paying monthly is such a burden. My husband was a little furious because we already pay maintenance fee good for 4 months, so he told his co-teacher about it.

My husband brought his bank book to show the proof of money transfers, and guess what it turns out the property owner doesn’t update his bankbook or didn’t look at it carefully.

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