Apples are on sale

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As a buyer, I am so frugal. I love SALE; of course you love it too right? Well, stores are not on sale everyday so we need to grab the chance to buy the items while they are on sale.
Last night after gym I went to the supermarket to buy some supplies that we does not have anymore, supposedly I only need to buy 2 packed of apples but like what I said I need to grab the chance when items are on sale. The apples are sale for W2,800 per bag which has 6 apples on it, in normal days it cost W5,900 per bag with same number of apples. So I immediately put three (3) bags on my cart while walking away my mind changed and grab one more to make it four(4). That’s a lot of apples huh? It is part of my husband’s meal which he weigh first before eating and if it is over his desired weight he is going to give me the piece of it which usually I always forget to eat so he is still the one who’s gonna eat it on his next meal. I just don’t feel eating cold apples, so whenever I ate one I need to make it warm first by putting it outside the fridge.

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  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    we all love sale =) maraming apple pie ang magagawa mo nyan girl, =)

  2. KatieCan86 says:

    These look good!

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