Applying Payoneer Card Online

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Living abroad is sometimes complicated, in order to withdraw money from my online earnings I decided to open Payoneer account. I applied online and after three days I received a reply about my application. It was not approved immediately because my shipping and billing address were not the same, I address the other one to my home country and the other one to my current location. After sending required documents and using my current location as the main address I waited for about a week until my application was approved.

In about two weeks I received my card and I was able to activate it and load money into it. It requires a lot of verification before I can connect my account to Paypal and load money into my card but on my third withdrawal after everything was verified I am able to withdraw to my card through UPS safely and freely.

Payoneer Card

One of the good thing about Payoneer is it works like major credit cards though it won’t work unless there’s money on the card as it is a prepaid card. I can used it online and even abroad, I was able to use my card in Russia when we took two week vacation a week ago. I was so happy because I was able to buy a souvenir dolls without bothering my husband to buy it for me or asking money from him.

As the website says Payoneer enables easy & safe global payments, using prepaid Mastercard®, as well as money transfer services worldwide. Payoneer indeed is your World Pay Partner, get your card now!

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