Appointment at International Clinic in Itaewon for Typhoid Shots

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We had an appointment at the International Clinic in Itaewon last Saturday so we went to Seoul to see Dr. Kim and have our typhoid shots. It was been three years since I had my first shot in Korea,  we also want to have yellow fever shots but this vaccination can only availed in Seoul University Hospital if I am not mistaken. After seeing Dr. Kim and getting our vaccination shots we left to find the Bulgarian Restaurant.

International Clinic in Itaewon

International Clinic can be reached through Itaewon subway station exit 2 just walked a little and you will reach the building, just beside is a coffee shop.

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Then walk about 300 meters up and try to find 10 stories high darkish green color building. On the ground floor, there is “Praha” restaurant and “SEVEN ELEVEN” convenience store. We are on the 5th floor.
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