Asking and Giving Directions to a Stranger

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Today we went to pick-up some LBC items in our town and while waiting to claim it a foreigner came, asking for the status of his items, he handed his ID but the lady didn’t find anything on his name so he went out and after few minutes the foreigner return handling his phone with the tracking number in it saying the box is coming from Russia and he was told to claim it in where he is. Since I am curious and the lady doesn’t know what to say because she is not familiar with the tracking code, I looked at the stranger’s phone and I ended up informing him that he should claim his box in the postal office and telling him how to reach it, yeah right it turns out he has to collect EMS items from Russia. I know to differentiate EMS tracking code since I used the service when I am still living in Korea. Jezz, I am not good in giving direction so I don’t know if he found the postal office, probably yes since I heard he drove a 4-wheel car and he can easily spot the water station where he needs to turn left, I knew he is driving a car after I was informed when I blurted out when he left that my sister should just drive the guy in the postal office.

LBC Odiongan

As I am saying I am not that good in giving direction because I remember when I was in first year high school and my classmate tagged me along to his father’s workplace so she could get allowance, when we are returning to school a foreigner stopped her and she was scared so she called my attention when the foreigner started speaking, it turns out the stranger was asking for direction on how to reach the municipal station and since I am nervous too and my first time to talk to someone in English aside from our English teacher, I thought I blurted out “over there” while pointing the municipal station but my classmate says I only say “there” while pointing out.  LOL.

Going home after claiming the items my sister blurted out, she is “nosebleed” and she can’t understand anything because I speak faster and it sounds like with a slang but I think the foreigner understood what I am saying because it looks like he did and he didn’t asked me to repeat it. Well, I hope he did. Lol

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