Asking God for a Sign

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I was depressed, mourning these past few days for the passing of my nephew in-law. Gladly I have friends that cheered and comfort me up. Like what my old classmate says we can’t do anything because we are all going to die. It only happens Cody’s time came first, someone says I should stop acting strange and don’t get so affected because I never met him. I just can’t stop it, he was a family. Thinking how sad and depressed her immediate love ones made me down as well. I am not just too vocal with my feelings I don’t say what I felt I wrote it.

One night I asked God for a sign if my nephew in-law is already on his hands. He gave the sign right away and I found solace and reason to let go. Words are not enough how I felt sorry for his family’s loss.

Happy Journey to you Cody! May the love of  God and everyone who loves you will guide you on your journey, and may the love of God will comfort your family through this difficult times! #praying

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