Attending Direct Selling Annual Convention

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Attending event isn’t really cup of my tea I preferred staying home to watch movie or read online but my mother and sister persisted that I should come with them when a direct selling group they were affiliated hosted an annual event. My father has prior engagement too at the same time so I ended up going with them then I won’t be left alone at home doing nothing while everyone is enjoying and eating good food.

Personality Development Demonstration

The annual event was held in beach resort but not everyone could just go there unannounced since you must buy a ticket before the event. The ticket cost ₱200 ($4.33) and it covers food stub for the catered food and the ticket too will give a participants a chance to win a Samsung smartphone in a raffle.

The event was divided in two parts, the first part was Personality Development with Ms. Odiongan Candidates, the candidates ramp one by one and they were included during makeup tutorial and demonstration hosted by Ever Bilena’s representatives headed by Ms. Angelique Marañon the direct sales supervisor for South Luzon, the second part was the proper program, games, giving of gifts and freebies, raffles and announcing of the top sellers, I won a bag as consolation prize in the raffle and few make up freebies from games and answering a question that was asked.

Careline Makeup

Other than Ever Bilena’s representatives, representatives from MSE were also present to introduce their new line of cosmetics which is San san makeup and one person also gives information how to use Maxi Peel properly, then afterwards they offered over 40% discount in San San’s makeup with a chance to win prizes, the makeups can only be bought in cash. We bought one set and when my mother is already getting ready to left since there is only one prize left to be given and people are already leaving, her name was called for the last prize which is single burner stove.

The event was very successful and I learn proper makeup application from Ever Bilena representatives, I will  write about it in a separate post.

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