Attending My Aunt and Uncle’s Golden Wedding Anniversary Party

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Wedding anniversary is one of the joyous occasion for married couple, it was the time where they have look back at their wedding day and the years that had passed by. The golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries, by both the married couple themselves and by their friends and family. Most married couple has their own story to tell, they have their own little dramas, obstacles, problems and happiness.

Only few had ever reach the so called “Golden Wedding Anniversary” since most marriage today end up with break-ups and divorce.  Most couple today were easy to give up with each other, they easily get tired of constant nagging from the wife or husband, they made small issues larger, they were easy to get hurt and collect resentments, they let their pride took toll and both speak at the same time without listening and understanding what other has to say, without knowing and accepting each other’s weaknesses and fears, they grow apart rather than together.

50th wedding anniversary cake

Anyway, the other day my eldest aunt and her husband celebrated their “50th wedding anniversary” or what they called Golden Wedding Anniversary,  their kids planned renewal of vows and party for them. Their marriage isn’t perfect, they fought like crazy as witness of their union says, like there comes a time my furious aunt almost cut her husband’s arm with a rusty bolo, that made my uncle do a trip to the hospital, so it was astonishing that they reached 50 years together, either they really love each other or both of them became delusional and just look at the positive traits of each other rather than looking at their negative traits and weaknesses.

50th wedding anniversary

The wedding ceremony was held at Lyns Fern Garden as well as the reception to save time, effort and money in decorating the church. It was a successful event attended by relatives, friends and workmates of the celebrators.  I was primarily requested by my cousin to be the photographer of the event, but I declined because my DSLR camera is acting up or the mirror seems broken, it produces white blank images when shooting especially during the day. It was my long goal to buy a new one, but it seems the more you dream for something, the more it became elusive.

Well, I wore the red shoes on the said event after much deliberation on what to wear. I shopped those shoes on my cousins wedding, two years ago but I didn’t end up wearing them. The wedding ceremony was done like how the normal wedding was done except there are no cord and veil ceremony anymore,  after which, dinner was served.

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