Being a wife is a busy job

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I have been so busy these past few days. A week ago we went to a South East Asian grocery store nearby, my husband find it online. So we tried to look for it and we found it near the bus terminal.  There’s a lot of Western guys at the front of the store, they are somehow drinking and having conversations.  When we got inside a familiar smell welcomed me, I am not going to tell what is it. Be tired of guessing, lol. So I look for something familiar, they have noodles but it came from Indonesia I am looking for Lucky Me or Maggi but they never had any so I picked few packs and grab two pieces of sinigang mix from Philippines of course, they also have knorr cubes but it came from Thailand so I grab a few too. My husband love nilaga so much since I cooked it, he keep asking me too cook it for him so I thought he would love sinigang too. Anyway here are stuffs we bought at the grocery store. We have a can of coconut milk, my husband fascinated when I told him I can cook chicken curry or ginatang manok.

And here’s the ginatang manok (chicken cooked in coconut milk), as you can see it is just chicken. Papaya or spinach, malunggay leaves is nowhere to be find here. So I just cooked the chicken itself, the result he likes it too. 

Anyway what makes my life busy these past few days? Cooking makes me busy, from adobo to nilaga to sinigang and to ginata. Haist being a wife is so tiring sometimes, how much more being a mommy?

2 Responses to “Being a wife is a busy job”

  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    Aha! Now you are experimenting in the kitchen. Tama lang yan dear. Pag may anak na kayo, you have to be cooking more. Hihi.

  2. Vernz says:

    hahah, nakakatuwa man ito Ry oi…madami dito sa gaisano.. hahahaha.. pasyal ka parati sa blog ko ba … para makabalik din ako salamat sa pasyal..

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