Biking with Dog

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I just arrived the other day from almost one month vacation in the Philippines if there’s one thing I enjoyed upon my stay, that is able to hold and touch a pet again. It was been a long time since I am able to do it, when I first arrived our family dog was not  happy to see me. He keeps barking and growling at me, probably because I am a new face to him but within few days he is already used seeing me but still we are not too closed that I am still scared to touch him alone.

One day my sister test our other bike and I asked her if she can took Jihoo for a ride as they told me already that Jihoo loves riding in that yellow bike with father. So she did, on their next trip my sister asked me if I want to go with them (Jihoo) I willingly say yes but it turns out Jihoo doesn’t like my presence or someone riding on his bike because the  moment I sit in the bike he growls and went down from the bike and when I went down he went up to the bike again, such a baby!

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