Bird in Flight: Two Birds Got Lost from their Nest

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The other day, while busy into something I overheard my mother and sister talking about finding two little birds in my shoes and planning to give them to my 3 year old second cousin once removed. I immediately finished what I am doing before my sister can go out to hand the birds, I disagree with my mother’s plan and reasoned a lot that birds has family too; it has parents, brothers and sisters. It was not a good idea to play with the birds because it has feelings too and they should be freed and not to be put in cage.

Maya Birds

I was told that they are pest in the rice field and there are a lot of them, I could free them but I have to take charge of looking after the birds in the rice fields or even so I freed them our cat will eventually catch and killed these tiny birds. I am firmed with my decision so I didn’t hand them to my sister; I took them to take photos. I put them in our window but as the stronger bird trying to fly, it fell outside so I went out to pick it that’s where my father saw me and I told him my ordeal, he disagree too of giving them to a little kid to play or to be caged, he also want to free the birds.

After a while, I went to our roof top and put them in a place where our cat couldn’t reach and then closed the door that goes upstairs, when I returned to check the birds a bird fly away and one bird was left so I went down to bring water and rice to feed the remaining bird. Hoping the second bird can learn how to fly sooner and be safe.

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