Birthday extreme

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Last Saturday was my birthday, the week before it came we already planned where to celebrate it and the week before it we already went to a parlor for my hair-cut, it is already my habit to have a hair-cut every October since I had my debut. As what I have said I am not too fashionistic and I don’t know what kind of hair-cut will look good to me and I don’t know too how to tell the hair specialist what kind of hair-cut I like because I really don’t know. I also don’t know how to talk with her because I neither don’t know how to speak Korean language, so after telling him I need a hair-cut I just sit and luckily she knows what to do, she cut my long hair into shoulder lenght and it has layers.
Anyway back to my birthday we already planned to eat to a Mexican Restaurant a week before it after watching Anthony Bourdain’s TV show which was taken from Mexico. My hubby managed to look for a nearest Mexical restaurant and lucliky he found one. It was located near Hongik University left side of VIPS. Our plan is to celebrate there at lunch time but I am too sleepy to wake up so we postponed it until 3 o’clock in the afternoon. As what I have said to my husband it’s my birthday so I have to wear my 21/2 inches pointed sandals from Natasha, the gold one “Mesmerized“. He don’t want it because he said it will just make me slow to walk but I insisted so “Nasa huli talaga ang pagsisi” I didn’t know that we need a long walk to look for it so my sandals was really a burden for me to walk fast. My feet also started to hurt maybe because its already been a long time since I wear high heels.
After two train transfer we finally reached the place it just 50 meters from VIPS if my calculation is right, this is it
Inside there are already a lot of foreigner eating and talking, after waiting for our order I want to bring out my camera from my bag but my husband don’t like it. So I behaved, my ordered were Chili Price, Nacho and Burito with a large coke. After eating the first two order I am too full to eat burito so I take it out. Going back to the subway I found this one:
So I asked my husband to buy me one for my birthday, it only cost 1,000 won don’t know why I am just fun of collecting notebooks as well as pen. So far I don’t know yet what to write in here. Maybe a journal or diary.,

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