Boat Canteen

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This is inside the boat, it is a canteen for the passengers. As you can see at the picture there is an old woman with a yellow basket, she is not one of the passengers but she is one of the boat vendors. You can see them at the Odiongan Port terminal, bringing their baskets and selling their stuffs. When the passengers where ask to board the ship they will board the ship too, to sell. They will given enough time and when the boat or ship will leave you will a voice at the speakers “Purya bisita, purya bisita” calling the attention of the vendors to move down. Before it is a call for some people who escorted their love ones at the boat, but since some escorts went to Manila without the boat ticket they were not allowed anymore to comes up the ship, they just stayed at the terminal.

Just remember you have to keep your boat ticket because it will be inspected after the boat leaves the respected port. If you cannot show your boat ticket you have to pay another ticket. Ticket will be inspected twice, before you aboard the ship and after the boat leaves the port.

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