Boiled Cassava in Coconut Milk

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Yesterday as I am getting ready to go to church, two women passed by carrying large round tub on their heads. When they noticed me, they called out for my mother thinking it was me. It turns out they were my mother’s acquaintance and when they came down from the mountain they always to go to our house to sell their root crops. To cut the story short, we bought a pile of newly harvested cassava for ₱20.00, it was very affordable isn’t it?

cassava in coconut milk

My father and sister cooked the cassava in coconut milk, we have plenty of coconuts from the hill that my uncle owned, my father gather some so we can use them for cooking.  My uncle lives in Manila with his family and his land was taken care by my father while they are not using it, unfortunately some people and  relative herd their cattle in the banana he planted  so there are times the bananas end up leafless. We also seldom gather coconuts because we don’t owned them and we are not the only one who knew how to harvest and the coconuts doesn’t always have fruits.

Anyway, it was been a long time since I have cassava cooked in coconut milk, it was like back the old days when our grandma cooked some and give us a serving.

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  1. Miss ko na yan Rye, fave ko yan nung kabaataan ko. Meriennda pagkagaling sa school, yum!

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