Bolinao Fish: Cleaning and Cooking

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Fishes and other sea foods are expensive in our town because I have heard most of the fishes caught are brought to Manila. It was only seldom that a kilo of fish cost less than a dollar, they mostly cost over $4.

Bolinao Fish

The other day, while we are in the wet market we found out that the small fishes only cost Php20.00 per kilo which is less than a dollar, it seldom happened so we bought 2 kilos right away, our cats will have a feast on these fishes.

When we reached home, I cleaned them one by one by removing the intestines and gills, they are pretty big than normal. Normally when they are a bit smaller, we have to take out the whole head because it has bitter taste. It took me a long time to finish cleaning them, it was quite tiring standing for a long time eh. We ended up frying small portion with frying mix and the rest were cooked in vinegar with water for our cats

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