Boredom and Sweetness

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It’s  normal day today finally I had sleep for a long hours after the busy week of traveling to Seoul. I wake up six minutes to two o’clock in the afternoon and of course the lazy me instead of eating my brunch I was busy surfing online.  Then in my surprised Pookie bear asked me what I want to eat because he says he is going to cook for me I thought he was kidding  at first, anyway I just requested hot coffee but he is very kind and he served it with walnut pie which he also heated in the microwave for few minutes.

I have asked him why he is very sweet today and he says he was bored playing on his computer. I wish he is always bored (lol) because at dinner time he also prepared a banana milk for me, and this time he just want to experiment I just noticed it when I’ve done drinking all the fruity milk it has peanut butter on it even I said I don’t like to have peanut butter.  It is the second time he mixed peanut butter on my shake as long as there is a jar of it.

2 Responses to “Boredom and Sweetness”

  1. va says:

    So sweet of him ! Looks great the cookie . I don't drink coffee but I like all kinds of teas . My husband also does nice things like this too .

  2. Vernz says:

    awwww. to tweet..heheheh… dropping by Ms. Korea…hehehe medyo matagal na akong di nakapasyal sa Korea..este dito pala.. heheheh…

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