Burger Sandwich whatever!

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I have nothing to say, so wordless weekend. I woke up at 2:36 in the afternoon in shocked. Shocked because never thought it is already late in the afternoon, everyone had already eaten their breakfast or lunch and me just wake up from a deep sleep. Instead of going to kitchen and grab a cup of coffee to drink I immediately grab my laptop below my bed and turn it on. What the heck is happening to me? Is there any food for breakfast on my screen? I have heard my husband, don’t forget your sandwich, Oh yeah jezz my left over sandwich from last night which I just left on the microwave oven. I just nodded my head and continue to explore the web, open my trusted PTC..darn internet is too slow. Open a new tab and read an online news paper, Oh today is the most awaited fight of Manny Pacquio ..opps he already won according to Yahoo Philippines. Nothing to read all I can read is killing, hold-up, drugs and etc., Hmmp..let’s try entertainment..Yes this is what I want blind items. Lol! Guess and guess dunno who it was. Lol!
Click and click while reading, hmmp as what I have expected the Pinoyparazzi didn’t update their site again, they just update it once a week not like before thrice a week. Let’s look at Pep, not so interesting. Open another click sites again and again, my stomach is rumbling I guess its time to eat. Boil some water from the electric kettle and pour the instant coffee in the cup, thinking if I need milk. Well let’s dropped a little, where’s my sandwich? As what I expected have to look for it in the fridge, that’s why food spoil you just left it anywhere pookie bear says. Okay granted, now what have to heat my half sandwich, hey I said 30 seconds not 3 minutes…grrr..my mind is still asleep. Well at last I can sip my coffee with mocha, sit in the floor, while the mouth is busy munching crops err I mean sandwich, Hmmp it is not a sandwich it is a burger. Jezz, my cup is all empty, now what? Are you going to eat this sausage here? Nope sweetie, no more coffee eh, my sandwich is enough..I said burger!

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  1. chubskulit says:

    Hahaha nice wordless-ful lol..

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