Busy Monday Morning Grind in the Office

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Early morning today, while an officemate and friend brought the incoming communication in the office, aplogizes and asked me not to feel bad for not being allowed in their office, she said they were also told not to standby, before I was told by MJ not to do be there. I just smiled and says it is nothing. It was actually nothing, but then I felt something in my gut.

That day, before I was told. Big Boss saw me inside the office using my phone connected to the office wifi. I was there because my boss instructed me to open her email, download the proposal, their utility bills and have them printed,  I was there working and not just sitting like most normal workers do in our workplace (lol). I admit, that it is my norm to standby upstairs, but I only do it after working my ass of and when I am not busy or during lunch break, and even if I stayed there, I don’t just sit and scroll. When I am requested upstairs to do something like going to other office to pick-up or bring documents I followed, and most of the time I offered to answer the telephone.

Anyway, my early errand for today is to do some grocery shopping and when it was completed brought them to my boss house together with the incoming communications they need for the zoom meeting.

When, I went to their home. My boss handed me an ecobag with six Chicken Luncheon meat inside, I was instructed that two of them was mine and then other four goes to the regulars, which made me thankful to her for the little gift.

I just seated in my seat when I received a new text on what to do, I combed my hair first and wipe my sweat before going outside again, I have been perspiring because of the hot weather outside.

It is lunch break right now and I am able to update my blog, I decided to buy and subscribe to magic data offered by Smart Communication so I can browse the internet without going and being connected upstairs when my boss asked me to do something online, and so I will not be mistaken too dilly dallying upstairs. Lol

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