Busy Tuesday

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I am not so feeling well today, last night my dinner consist of fried chicken and sauce made by me. After few minutes I feel my head aching, I thought it is just the heat because when I cooked I just came from the shower. So I just continue browsing the internet while eating some chocolates even it really disturbs me. 
Few more minutes I throw up all the the food I have eaten and there I feel a little relieved, my headache is a little better but I feel so tired and sleepy. I just sleep 5-6 hours the previous night.
I guess I have a food poisoning, if I forgot to say the chicken I have cooked is one day expired (lol). It is a waste to throw the whole chicken eh, my husband will be mad at me and for sure no more bag of chicken on the next day and months. Anyway my husband didn’t believed eating sugar, lol.
I woke up today at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, harvest my crops and browse the internet for few hours then eat my breakfast what I mean drink my breakfast, milk and banana shake. While shaking I am cooking a viand for my lunch, nilaga. 
As of 5:29 PM did not eat anything yet, I have cleaned the fridge and the bathroom after cooking. I am taking a break to clean the whole apartment, haist I guess I need to eat right now.

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  1. zoan says:

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