Buying Strawberries from the Shopping Street

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When I report my new passport in Suwon Immigration I also went to postal office in Icheon downtown to mail our travel documents to the travel agency in Busan. After mailing our documents I go home and passed by in the shopping street and decided to went inside the Naughty Cat shop to buy some key chains, I am planning to included them when I  mail post cards to my friends.


Aside from buying key chains I also bought few earrings so I have new accessories to blog.  When I went out the shop I look for the couple that I saw outside selling strawberries and persimmons I thought they were gone when I can’t find them to where I saw them but actually they just moved. So I went near them and buy strawberries, I handed 5,000 won and took one container but the man gave me another container he is saying two for ocheon won. As I already forgot how much is 5, 000 won in Hangul I just said I only want one believing ocheon won is 10, 000 won.

The strawberries are sweet that I don’t need to keep them in fridge with water and sugar but as I cannot eat them all at once though I’d like too I keep them in the fridge, what is left is almost one container.

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