Cafeworld Tricks

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As what I have said on my previous blog I have been addicted to play this Facebook game, Cafeworld. Playing this game I forgot everything, I forgot to eat, to open my earning sites and sometimes to post a blog.

While browsing the internet I stumbled to some Cafe World tips and tricks playing this game, some are also based from my experience.

  1. 1. Cook food according to your plan, if you are on the computer all the time you can cook shorter food, but if not and you are going to get online after few days cook food which has longer cooking time. So when you log-in you have food to serve.
  2. You can earn more experience points and cash when you have a lot of neighbors and you visit them regularly.
  3. If you don’t have cook food anymore, you can close the cafe by removing the doors. You can also have many doors as many as you want.
  4. The longer the food you cook the big cafe points you have and the longer it spoils.
  5. Highest Buzz rating is 105. The higher the Buzz rating, the more customers will enter you cafe and the more dishes you serve, the more coins you earn.
  6. Buzz rating stop when you go offline. Buzz rating goes up for every satisfied customer and goes down for customers who were not served properly.

    Some cheats.

    1.You can trap your chef, so the food will be served automatically in the counter, likewise your waiters you can trap them in one corner so that they can’t reach the tables so the foods will magically be served to your customer as soon as they sit. No more waiting time!

    2. Unlimited stove and counters. This can be done using another software called Cheat Engine.

    You can visit Cafe World Secrets or Cafe World Cheats

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