My Blogs Are Down Because of Expensive Hosting

My blog was down for almost a month because of my problem with my hosting provider, the monthly fee doubled and it was too expensive for me having no fixed income online, I canceled my hosting asked for a refund, and moved to a new hosting provider which is a way cheaper, but when I started moving my websites, things didn’t turn out well, the coding was broken leaving my blogs without images and cluttered.

I’ve looked for another hosting option and I found this new hosting provider, a little cheaper than the one I purchased less than a month ago and was compatible as well, my websites run smoothly without leaving an error, my only problem was I forgot to back-up my WordPress themes, so right now I am using the older version which is not designed to mobile readers.

I hope my new hosting provider will not give me a headache in the coming days or else I will be left without a choice but to say goodbye to my blogs.

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Letting Go of My First Ever Blog and Migrating the Contents

Living in Korea through independent visa a few years back means I am not allowed to work and without source income it means I can’t send money home.  My family is my sole responsibility with the help of J’s laptop which I am allowed to use when he is at work I searched for ways to work and earn money at home. I found several blogs that teach me how to earn money online, I tried paid to click sites but the earning isn’t promising and then I found out that it is possible to earn money online by only writing about myself and my daily life and this thing was called blogging. I created my first blog at, a free blogging platform and was able to buy my first domain a year after.

Mentioning about it, my very first domain will bid goodbye soon since I am not planning not to renew it anymore. It’s very regretting because the blog I have to let go has traffic, ranking and thousands of its pages has been indexed by Google. It’s very saddening too but I have to let go of it since maintaining a lot of blogs today isn’t a great idea when I can’t update them all. I have already planned to republished the article in my other blogs according to niche, I have already moved some personal post about living in Korea (2009-2014) over here, so if you’ll notice my archives here there are old posts added in them. I have a lot of personal posts on that blog since it was my first ever domain and my first ever blog in the web, that’s where I post everything about daily living in Korea before this blog came.

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Goodbye Blogging?

More of my blogs will bid goodbye before the year ends. It’s sad not to renew them since they have page ranks but I have no choice I can’t pay the renewal fee anymore, it is getting expensive to renew the domains and blog opportunities are getting scarce these days. I have only earned about $20 for the month of November and it isn’t even enough for my internet load expenses, how much more domains renewals?

Upon updating the site metrics I have found that most blogs and websites went down, the domain authority dropped tremendously which is not a good sign for bloggers since it is a very important measurement in websites popularity after updates on page ranking was stopped by Google.


Well, I don’t know what I should do now since I can’t design blog themes anymore, the internet speed isn’t good enough to constantly reload a website while designing it, it requires a strong internet connection to upload images repetitively, and there isn’t an order for new theme designs anyway since earning through blogging is very slow making the bloggers can’t afford to buy personalized theme for their blogs.  It’s true that a lot of my blogger friends quit blogging and look for regular job; I guess I must do the same but with the number of unemployed graduates in our town my chance of finding a work without a connection is slim. I guess I should start accepting laundry task from neighbors or learn carpentry skills huh?

Maybe in a few months, or a year I’ll be gone in blogging world and the internet and I’ll be just at home looking at the ceiling and counting lizards. Even so, all I pray is to have food in our table enable us to survive living.

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Herzlife the New Look – Bold and Vibrant

The other day, I decided to tweak the theme of this blog. Making me busy is one way for me to stop thinking too much, because it is not getting healthy anymore. Nobody will help me but myself and if I keep feeding my depression I might end up being suicidal or crazy (almost). I decided to live the life day by day without looking forward on the future because if I do I am becoming depressed even more. I decided to wait and not to make thing fast because everything has a perfect timing according to my spirit animal.

Wordpress Theme

I have noticed the old theme is somehow dull and lonely, no wonder my life turned upside down. I made the new theme vibrant and bold using the same vectors or images. I made the header a little smaller as well, so the readers will see more of the things I am posting rather than more of the image in my header. This blog was an expat blog but since I am already home I turned it as my personal space online and my diary, I also combined two more blogs in here when I decided not to renew them anymore, this blog was helpful because I have no one to talk too and nobody really can relate with my emotions. I really don’t talk much about my life to someone because it is not easy for me to trust and I am always scared being ridiculed.

Wordpress Theme

With the new theme and the magical season coming, all I am hoping is for the best.  I hope the new theme will inspire me to write more, be optimistic and will help me to smile even in difficult times. In short, I hope it brings good luck to me!

Wordpress Theme

Well, I made myself busy even more when I decided to create new theme. It was originally the theme for Odiongan Daily Travels but since I combined it over here I’d make use of it as well so if you click Travel and Places category you’ll see the yellow green theme above.

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Broke and Blogging

Do you know the feeling of having nothing? When I saw beggars in the street I surely gave something even it is small amount not because I have extra money but because I know the feeling of having nothing. I also believed that you will only touch someone’s life once, you’ll not going to see that person again especially if you meet him/her in the street you are not familiar with.


It is end of the month and it is time to pay bills so we have empty pockets. Well, today I have to feel that nothing feeling again, it was been almost three weeks since my father lost his job, our rice container was already empty literally empty so we had to eat piece of bread and just drink a cup of coffee tonight. If you will ask my sister, it was great because it will mean she will not to eat rice and she will lose weight. Anyway, I have to get some coins from my wine bank so I can buy piece of bread, gladly there is small rice for my father to eat and to feed our pets. I am working online but my earning is not regular, there are times I can earn from my blog and there are times I can’t especially these days where blogging is slow. I had just cleaned the list of blogs I worked with and guess how many blogs or bloggers had stop blogging? I have found 454 dropped domains, those are the domains that has been abandoned and not renewed, which mean the blogs that were attached to that domain were gone because the owner stop writing/blogging that’s how poor blogging these days.  Yeah, I know I should find a regular job in our island, but the bad news I can’t find one and I guess people will not believed me even if I applied to a job because of this perception that if you are married to a power ranger you are rich. Seriously, I hate that way of thinking because it is not always true.

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Expat Living and Earning Opportunity at Home

Living abroad is not easy like what most people thought, homesick and unable to blend in is the common problem of expats. Anyway I think many Filipino women married to Koreans met their husband through agency some were lucky and some are not.  Unable to work and help their families in the Philippines was their main worry,  every day I am reading stories and status updates from my fellow countrymen seeking for help and jobs, it is either contractual jobs or working from home.


Most of them are mothers that are unable to work outside because they are nursing little kids, as I have knowledge how to earn money online from the comfort of your own home I tried to share the information in a online community but my request to post the information was declined because they don’t post business (seriously?) so what’s the second hand items are for? They’re still business right? Anyway I didn’t argue anymore and says it was not  problem.  Honestly, what I am requesting to post is not a business (but an opportunity to earn money if they only know how to read).  Reading without understanding is really the common mistake of everyone, I don’t feel bad because I know it is not my loss, it was their loss so with this all I can say is c’est la vie!

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Earning Money from Home

When I first arrived in Korea it was mixed emotions. I am happy because finally my husband and I are reunited to each other, sad because I am far away from my family.  Depressed because I have no job and I am not going to have one because working is not included on my visa type,  having no job I can’t send money to my family. Way back then while applying job in Jobstreet I always see work at home  job advertisement so what I did I search for jobs that I could do at home.

It was not easy as 1,2, 3 I found several advertisement but still I have to attend personal interview which I think very impossible for me to do. I did extensive research and I ended up earning cents from doing paid to click sites, I joined a lot of them hoping to earn more. I also do blogging upon finding that I could earn money on blogging, I started on free platform like blogger and after a year I am able to buy my own domain and even transfer to self-hosted wordpress.

HP Laptop

With the help of blogging I am able to send money monthly to my family probably not that big but still it is a blessing. With the help of my earnings from blogging I have bought my own laptop and digital camera and other small stuff without asking money from my husband.

I am sharing this blog not to imply something but to inspire other Filipina like me in Korea that it is possible to earn money from home, I always read in one forum that their husband doesn’t allow them to work outside and they are in wit ends because they can’t help their family in the Philippines.  Try blogging and try earning money from home.

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My Other Blog Has Been Deleted by Blogger

My blog was been deleted by Blogger today “Anything and Everything”  it says it was detected as spam blog I asked for a review and I have to wait for two days for the result. I have paid post from Inpostlink which is due to be pay tomorrow but guess what it won’t happened anymore as my blog is in accessible at this time.

Home Office, Workstation, Office, Business, Notebook

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I am planning to move all my blogs to WordPress but I don’t how much will it cost me, plus I have no funds right at this moment I just send my earnings home. Sigh, it gives me headache, Pookie bear even laughed  at me because I keep asking him to have his own blog and earn from it especially he is a native English speaker and seeing how devastated I am the no became a big big NO! Oh yeah, I also don’t know why I am now following all of my blogs here in blogger, magic?

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