Avocado Season: Cheap Avocados in the Local Market

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Avocado was in seasoned in the Philippines so there are plenty of avocados in our local market, prices range from P15.00 – P30.00 per kilo. A kilo consists of 3-5 avocados it depends on the size and variety.

Purple Avocado

When I was young I remember not liking avocado that much maybe because my taste bud was different that time or I was already used eating them since there is two avocado trees in our backyard, and when they are too ripe in top of a tree or a typhoon they just fell in the ground.


The avocado tree was long gone, they were cut down when the church nearby was expanded, so now we want to eat avocado we have to buy in the local market which we did a few days ago. I plainly ate it with brown sugar while my sister ate her avocado refrigerated mixed with powder milk and sugar.

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