Chicken Adobo makes me busy

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I have been so busy tonight after our goods shopping, I have cooked some rice, and cooked chicken adobo of course Pinoy version (as if there’s another version) when suddenly hubby asked me if I already cooked his food. Huh? Ngekk, I thought he said I am going to cook at 9:30 PM for his meal, I think I am already deaf, he said he is going to eat at 9:30 PM. So I removed my chicken adobo in the stove and prepare grilled cheese sandwich , he just want two sandwich but I made four, the other two is for me. After which I have to fry some meat for him (he already stop with his vegetarian diet). 
I have washed all the dishes, and finally return my chicken adobo in the pot and in the stove, we only have two pots here in our apartment, the smallest one is for rice purposes which is still cooking that time. After cooking the viand, I have to wash and boil sweet potatoes for the part of hubby’s everyday meal. When I check-out the water filter, there’s no more line so I have to change it and remove all the bubbles from the new filter. Have to reload it three times, I mean filter a water three times. This is so busy night.

I am so tired as what I have said to hubby, he asked me what if you’re feeding a big family what will happened  if you’re tired just right now? He has a point, so I said I am not tired (lol). Well what matter  most is he like the chicken adobo, he ate half of the other dish. I guess if I did not tell him, before we buy the chicken that it is my viand for the whole week he is going to eat it all.  This is not the first time I cooked chicken adobo here but this is the first time I am complete with seasonings like pepper and vetsin. You know a whole chicken is just a one meal to my hubby, big appetite. I think he feel  pity on me, or he is just tired of me complaining saying that I am hungry everyday. Because even though he kept telling me to eat, I kept answering “there’s no food”. and probably is also pissed of telling me everyday that “There’s food you’re just so picky on what you want to eat”. He is right, I just don’t feel eating the same food everyday, or let me say I am tired just looking on our cup board.  You know when you see the food everyday it feels you already eat it. So I think we have to stop to buy food for stock so I am going to eat and don’t be tired looking at them and said there’s no food even our cup board and fridge is full.

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