Chicken Cooked in Sweetend Coconut Milk with Squash

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While shopping the other day I just have thought I want to eat chicken cooked in coconut milk as I know there’s one in Lotte Super I have asked my husband if I can buy it, he agreed so we bought it. After two days or so I’ve cooked the chicken with squash but when my husband opened the canned coconut milk it turns out it is not pure coconut milk it has sugar on it. It is a type of coconut milk which is used in drinks like piña colada, it is very sweet indeed.

As left no choice I don’t have else seasoning to mix on my chicken as soy sauce is not around I still used the canned coconut milk after my husband divulge eating it. The chicken and squash was so sweet, instead of being a viand it became a dessert.

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