Chicken Inasal from Laszaji Grill

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The other day my father’s eldest brother and his wife went back to Manila after attending our aunt’s wake and burial. We invited them for dinner the night before their departure it almost didn’t happened since my older aunt also scheduled a dinner to their house but since it was figured a bit earlier they prepared lunch instead.

Chicken Inasal at Laszaji Grill

[Laszaji grilled chicken in an ice cream plastic container]

My father offered them a viand for their dinner in the ferry since there’s a piece of chicken in our fridge so my sister fried the piece of chicken the next day and let it cool down in our table, I put food cover in them but without my knowing the stray cat I adopted took one piece of chicken, which mean there is only three pieces left for two persons which doesn’t look good at all and since there is still one hour and half left before my uncle and his wife go to the port I have asked my mother and sister to just buy some cooked chicken at Laszaji grill their grilled chicken thighs was the best in town.  I have thought they would take long but they arrived home earlier than expected, the chickens were still on stick and wrap in banana leaves but since they will be brought as packed dinner we moved them in a plastic container were two of them will fit, a sole chicken without rice and drinks cost ₱60 per piece.

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