Chicken on a Stick with Teriyaki Sauce

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We have been craving for KFC’s double down sandwich these past few days but the KFC outlet is about 5 kilometers from where we are and we are bit lazy to travel.  At the ground floor of our apartment building there’s a BBQ Olive Topokki outlet or Olive-dduk and they have chicken barbecue which we first mistaken as meat when we saw their menu outside.

Korean Chicken on a Stick

On my first visit in the BBQ Chicken I have ordered 4 sticks and when they asked me what sauce I want it took us long time to understand each other. So I just said all flavor including hot sauce which I regretted because it was too spicy.

Korean Chicken on a Stick

So the second time I visited the shop I bought 6 sticks and ordered chicken barbecue on teriyaki sauce.

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