Children’s Day Parade in Town

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Yesterday, we went to town to see the parade for Children’s Day, it was held this month. We are not able to see anything because we went to town so late, when we arrived it is almost the end of it, they started the parade on time, not like what my mother thought that it is going to be in Filipino time.

Children's Day 2015

We went inside the town plaza to look around and took some photos of some neighbors and relatives, they accompanied their kids in the event and I promised a neighbor who is our loyal customer that I will take photo of her daughter who’s the muse of their class, our older cousin’s son played as escort too so when their day care school was called I went in front of the stage with my sister and their parents to snap some pictures, while returning to the benches my sister called my attention, it turns our former Dean of Student Affairs who is also one of the Godparents in my wedding was along the long tables for guest and visitors of the said event, I immediately held his hand and put it in my forehead, it is called “Mano” gesture used in Filipino culture performed as a sign of respect to elders and as a way of accepting a blessing from the elder. I was asked afterwards if one of the kid I snapped a picture was mine, which I politely says no, same question asked to me when I am taking picture of my older cousin’s son at the benches when someone passed by behind me and asked me in English “Is that your child?” which I also replied no without looking who’s talking, when I asked my sister about it, she said she cannot remember the name of the woman but she is sure I know who it was.

Anyway, we didn’t take long in the event, we went to the terminal food court and ate a budget meal.

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