Cody Calwill – Mission Accomplished!

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I know life is not forever, because we are all by passers on this world. We are just travelers, but it really feels hurt when someone you love, you know passed away. My nephew in-law passed away from a tragic accident, it hits me hard, so painful. I never met him nor them but I know in my heart that they are my extended family, I can’t help but cry during the time I am down, I can’t express the pain. To ease it I found comfort on listening to Christian songs and reading my Bible.

He is too young, he could done a lot more things but I think he already accomplished his mission on this world. I remembered one of the preach I’ve listed from our Pastor that everyone has a mission on this world and when our mission was done, God will call us to be on His Paradise. I don’t know if it is just a coincidence but my nephew tweeted something about accomplishing a mission the day before he met an accident. That’s his last tweet on twitter.

Before we know his passing that night, I just came out from the bathroom when I saw on my peripheral vision that someone went to our kitchen, I thought it was my husband so I shake it off but when I went to our bed I was surprised to see him there, so I voice out and told him that I thought he is in the kitchen, he teased me smiling that I might have little friend around our apartment, he smiled on his own joke and that smile makes him a lot more younger on his age.

After few hours my husband found out that his nephew met an accident and was on the hospital and underwent an operation to save his life. He was really shocked that he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth while shaking with a terrible feeling.  I have my own gut feeling I went to my Facebook and there our world turned upside down, the first thing I saw is a tagged picture of my nephew in-law with his friend  with description “Already missed” we are late to know.

To cut the story short, the agony is very painful. My body shook, my mind is rushing and my husband doesn’t move. He cried, it was so painful and I can feel it. He cannot utter a word, he can’t think, the world stops for a minute.

Cody, I just would like you to know that you are going to be missed and a lot of people is loving you, including me. Thank you for touching our lives,  you are now an angel that who will watched over us. It was just too bad that we never given a chance to see each other.  🙁

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