College Life a Nostalgia

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Days seems so fast it is Thursday again and it is Nostalgia day. Time to flip the old photo album in the corner, here’s what I found in my Friendster account.  Maybe you are thinking I brought my photo album with me that’s why I can post some of my old photos. Nope they’re scanned, I scanned them free at work while my boss is not around. Hehe, anyway even I am caught they will not mind it because they’re the boss of all time, our Ninong and Ninang during our wedding.
Anyway these photos we’re taken on my first year college, I can’t show you photos during my high school because I don’t have one even if I have I did not scan them they’re ugly looking out of smile.
That’s me in all black, BON JOVI rocks! My shirt has a Bon Jovi print, my  mother owned it and given to me and I gave it to my sister after wards.

During our P.E. time in the quadrangle, I brought my newly bought camera that time a Canon film camera, the money came from my allowance from the scholarship. I am holding my gay classmate my friend then became my enemy, over I mean we had a small fight before the semester ends. We’re not so close just a normal classmates but we clicked because I am boyish and he is girlish, I think we our talking something that we don’t agree on each other and  I was just pissed of, because he talks a lot. You know how gay talks.

The guy running at the back was my High school crush, a table tennis player.


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  1. chubskulit says:

    Ahem crush lol…Oo nga kala ko bitbit mo yung album mo dyan hehehe. Kakamiss yung college days noh..

  2. Lulu Post says:

    college days are really fun.. i miss all the friends that i gained through my college years… hope you can visit my nostalgia at

  3. *♥Shydub♥* says:

    Hehehe you still remember your crush ahh, did you wonder where and how he is right now?

  4. Fairfield Hotel says:

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