Commitment, Love and Sacrifice

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Today is wider mission Sunday and it is the 4th Sunday I went to church to attend the service and it is the third time I have to wear eye glasses when going to church because I can’t see well from the distance.

The service started with praise and worship, I don’t know what have come to me but I was thankful that I am alive. The scriptural topic is about commitment again, when we heard commitment we always imagined a wedding, where two people are being committed to each other through thick and thin, and until death do they part, but our pastor also give an example how an athlete being committed on practicing every morning without fail. How about you? Are you committed? Do you know how to honor a commitment or do you turn your back the moment a trial came?


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Remember, that when you are committed to serve the Lord, whatever trials may come you are strong and will not be shaken because His Love is our strength. We must remember that God challenged us to focus and we must commit to His works to be done on His ways.

To love is to sacrifice, when we love someone we must be willing to sacrifice and honor thy commitment, we must be dedicated and loyal. If we love God, we are willing to sacrifice our time for Him, Sunday is for God’s glory.

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