Cooking the best exercise (lol)

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I had a busy day yesterday in cooking, I made hamburger patties for my sandwich, cooked sauce for my spaghetti and boil the pasta. I put spam on my spaghetti sauce this time as well as beef even though the spaghetti sauce I used has a meat already. It looks like there’s a birthday party but the truth I am the only one who will eat all of these this week because Pookie bear is back on his diet., so mangan tana! 
After few minutes Pookie bear asked me to accompany him to super market because we are out of stock of some goods at home like olive oil, onions, eggs, brown rice and etc., Since I arrived here in Korea, we don’t have sugar at home because I am the only one drink coffee and plus the fact that coffee here are instant or three in one you are going to think that it is not needed anymore. But these past few months if you have read my old post I always encounter food intolerance or I called it food poisoning before (lol), a realization came to my mind that I badly need sugar in those instances. That’s how it works in Philippines right? Like if you eat a fish and suddenly your face turns red for sure your parents will asked you to eat  a spoonful of sugar. Partly too, I think my coffee needs sugar too, these past few days it does not tasted good to me anymore, it just tasted like water with coffee. 
The sad part Pookie bear won’t pay it because he said we don’t need it, if you are going to notice our life here looks like we are just playing “bahay-bahayan”  our knife is very small to cut a squash we don’t have a frying pan until I bought one in my own expense. Pookie bear don’t like buying things because we cannot carry them all if we moved. All he wants to carry is his bag of clothes.

3 Responses to “Cooking the best exercise (lol)”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Sarap naman ng foodies.. Grabe naman si pokie bear mo, kailangan nyo pa din ang cooking utensils kahit di nyo madadala paguwi hehehe.. Kunsabagay sayang din but i have a solution. padala mo sa pinas bago kayo umalis hahaha.

  2. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    Naku my fave pasta is here mukhang yummy din ang burger mo ha .. Anyway, nakarelate namn ako don sa sugar mo when i was young at namula while eating fish laging sabi ng mother ko eat some sugar πŸ™‚

  3. Silvergirl says:

    wow yummy foods mo sis πŸ™‚ ung spag sarap naman

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