Corn Ice Cream Korea

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The sweet rushes in my upper gum just went away and I ate ice cream again. I am not learning my lesson huh? Oh well last night I went to Gs25 to buy ice creams, my husband choose ice cream on cone and I choose Lovelee chocolate ice cream which is in cup.

When I pay in the counter the sales clerk went to the fridge and took two packages of ice cream asking me which one I want I just nod and say any of them and she gave me the long one, it turns out it was free from buying the ice cream cones.

When I went home I gave it to my husband as it was free from his ice creams, he shared it to me though. So we ate it, it tasted like corn, I mean the ice cream inside tasted like corn aside from the cone looks like corn. This is type of  Bungeoppang if I am not mistaken, those fish ice cream in Korea.

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