Crab Kimchi

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As what I have said kimchi has different varieties, cabbage , radish and now what we have is crab kimchi. I just buy this tonight, its a little expensive for 244g is W5,560 the cabbage is more cheaper as well as the radish.  This crabs are raw, crab kimchi is famous around the world as side dish. The delicious raw korean crab kimchi is a popular taste of the korean cusine. Traditionally raw korean crab kimchi is always prepared by stir fry. It is recommended for those who prefer salty flavors.

I love this one too, I am eating it while in the street walking home, its a little bit spicy but yummy. It also has a strong smell because it is a fermented raw crab.

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4 Responses to “Crab Kimchi”

  1. vivapinay says:

    I love this dish.. most of the time this comes as an appetizer right?

    I love korean food.. but only for 3 days.. after that.. i need adobo na..

  2. Mel Cole says:

    Looks delicious Hyeanne. I miss eating fresh crabs. 🙂

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