Craving for Cheese Muffins

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Nothing to do, feeling bored clicking my earning sites. I want to post something but I don’t know what to post. Grrrr..I hate this feeling anxiety boredom. 
What’s the history behind my picture below? “One moment…one Nescafe!” sad to say there’s no Nescafe here in our area, there’s none or I didn’t find any..? The heck with that, yesterday I went to Dunkin Donuts and buy some donuts of course, haha I can’t just go there and say “Anyeong haseyo” to the staffs.  Well hubby says he needs four donuts aside from the other stuff have to buy in the family mart. So I just picked anything I like because the one he likes is absent, maybe having a make-up class. Lol, does donuts attend class? Weird!
So I went home carrying a big box of donuts, the four became times two. I am startled what are those group of ladies doing in the street, they are all in yellow with number 7 printed, sash, caps, gloves, shirts, dunno if under wears has number too, well I belong because I am also wearing a yellow shirt the only difference numberless. 
So to cut the story short I arrived home, hand the donuts to hubby. He didn’t say anything why there is 8 donuts, maybe its already understood (hehehe). I am very much full with my meal that I just ate one piece of it, saving the other donuts especially the muffins for breakfast the next day so while waiting to be hungry again I went to youtube, and for sure I will type “Diva 56”. Yes, I am already episode 56 just today 57.  Anyway folks Diva is kantaserye (music series) TV show in one of the TV station in Philippines, and as what I expected my roomie is angry listening to “habada-bada” (Tagalog language). he called it “habada-bada” because he cannot understand my own language (I think I have to teach you sometimes sweetie). He asked me to stop it because he is busy reading, but I am too damn nosy to beg for few minutes. He said he is going to think for punishment for me, lol am I a child? 
Well thanks God, I am done with the first set of the 56th episodes I didn’t watch the next episodes anymore because I have watched it already live from the streaming video in top of my blog. Tic! Tac! Tic! Tac! Someone is silent at the kitchen dunno what is he doing,  and to my surprise all I found is an empty donut box. My breakfast for the next day was gone, huhuhu! He said it is my punishment, he ate the muffins that I love so much, my muffins for breakfast.
Today, I woke up at 2’oclock in the afternoon. Early bird huh? I slept at 4 o’clock in the morning though, when I wake up here’s the normal me (lol) “I am hungry sweetie but someone eat my breakfast for today! He ate my box of spaghetti, my muffin  and my donuts.” As what he said it is my punishment, but he told me I can go to dunkin to buy donuts again, but I am lazy to went out so as 3:30 in the afternoon I ate my brunch, fried eggs and loaf of bread.
We went to Dunkin tonight to buy donuts, he is also craving for muffins but sad to say no more muffins left. Anyway the coffee and bread at the top is the cheese muffins we both like, so cheesy and yummy! Picture was taken a weeks ago…I am using the souvenir cup from hubby’s old gym.

I think I would love to be bored always because I can write a longer post. Tehee!

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  1. Y says:

    I freaking love donuts.. I'm actually craving some now!

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