Crispy Fried Chicken from KFC

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Tonight after our appointment with the dentist and shopping for groceries we craved for good food. So I went to KFC to order a bucket of chicken, stupid isn’t it? We just had a  clean teeth and now we are going to eat junk food right away.

My husband told me to order spicy chicken because the last time we ordered the chicken was not crispy, so when I went in KFC I told the sales clerk what I want, spicy and crispy. The sales clerk asked me if I want original or crispy, I said crispy.

Now I know why our previous bucket of chicken is not crispy because when my husband was asked by the sales clerk what chicken he likes he replied original which he thought not spicy flavor.

I went to Paris Baguette across the street to buy buns and because they don’t have enough baked goods I went to the other Paris Baguette where we always buy are treats, when I pay in the counter as usual I didn’t ask for plastic I just put the baked goods on the plastic I have with the chicken the owner help me to put it and when he saw the KFC chicken he is telling me something while pointing on his self and the chicken as I cannot understand it I just smiled.

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2 Responses to “Crispy Fried Chicken from KFC”

  1. I love the cakes in Paris Baguette Rhe!

  2. Rovie says:

    Now I know that I should order the crispy one too 🙂 lol

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