Decision Making and Your Personal Values

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One of the hardest things to do in life is to decide, as Libra I am indecisive by nature. I could choose something and then regret it afterwards, but usually when I made a wrong choice, I either look at the bright side or live with it in misery (lol).

Our lesson last night was about morality and values. We are given a scenario to choose what we value the most or what is our values towards a certain situation. The example given by our teacher was, in the same night you have a church commitment and there will be a championship battle of the band where you happened to be the most important member of the band, the vocalist. Where you will go, to the church or to the band competition?

Through the topic, I remember some situations in my life that I have to choose what to prioritize first. It happens, one Sunday when I was already inside the church, then I was called to go out and was told that a Christening will be held that day (in a different church/religion) and as one of the Godparent of the child I have to be there. So what I did? I have decided to return inside the church and finished the service, I am already attending the church before I was told of the Christening, I have seen the mother the day before and she didn’t inform me about it.

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The second time, I have to make a decision was, when the church celebrated Thanksgiving Sunday , and it was voted by many to have a Sunday service in the resort hall and celebrated it over there than making it inside the church. I really don’t skip Sunday service, but I did that day, because I am not comfortable with their decision and it doesn’t agree with my moral values. What I did, I went alone in the church and pray while everyone is in the resort celebrating.

Another time, I have to make the decision was quite different from the first two decisions I made. The mountaineering group I am affiliated with has a scheduled climb and that is Sunday, contrary to my first two decisions I went hiking, Pastor E wasn’t around that Sunday and the service was left to young people who doesn’t really prepare sermons prior to this, they are more into singing and interpretative dancing. And since the founder of the mountaineering attending the church during Sabbath most of the scheduled climb were Sundays, and I climbed with them with another two Sundays, but recently they scheduled another Sunday climb and I decided to go to church instead of going with them.

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