Dizzy Saturday

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Nothing to do, I woke up today around 2:54 in the afternoon. Very late riser huh? I slept 5:38 this morning that’s why I woke up so late. I was surprised when I turn off the light to sleep because it’s already day light outside I did not notice it.
As I woke up I immediately grab my laptop below the bed and do some clicky ads. Then around 3 something I ate my breakfast, coffee and a box of cookies.  That’s all I have eaten, right now I am feeling dizzy, plus my thighs are aching again from the work-out. I feel hungry but I don’t know what to eat..I am so picky! Huhuhu!
Anyway, I love french fries so much. So every time we go to a fast food its on my order, there are times I bought a potato in the market and make my own french fries. Last night I have fried the last potato fries left on the fridge.

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