Document Translation and Notarization in Seoul

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The hope of traveling to Europe disappeared when I was informed in the Philippine embassy that documents from the Philippines must only be notarized/authenticated in the Philippines.  I have to submit a notarized marriage certificate in applying for Schengen visa and if I can’t get it in time I can’t apply for a visa and travel to Europe with my husband. We have already planned that I have to go home to the Philippines to get my documents to be notarized and I have to do it soon,  because our Korean visa will expire in less than 2 months.

I have ranted my sadness in Facebook and some friends sympathized with me, I have asked a friend that migrated to the US few  months ago on where she had her documents notarized.  I was informed she had it done in Itaewon through an attorney,  with this information I have seen a beam light of hope that I can complete the requirements without going home to the Philippines.

Notarized Documents in Seoul

I went to Seoul on Monday to look for the place where my friend had her documents notarized, but it seems the guy was not around anymore so I went to the travel agency just beside a restaurant but it was closed, I mean nobody answers when I buzz the doorbell.  So I went to the KC Filipino store to ask for a  place I could get my documents notarized, before asking I bought one bag of Goldilocks polvoron I have been eyeing to buy this snack in Hyehwa long time ago but I always set it aside for other local foods.

Notarization in Seoul

Anyway, I was told that there’s an office (HAN BI SA) beside the store that do notarization when I went in the agent was out for lunch. I waited, but decided to go out when I feel hot inside.  To cut the story short, I return and ask for notarization to the woman at the first desk. The initial cost is ₩55, 000 if I want the notarized documents to be mailed to our home, was told that I will receive the documents on Wednesday, but I can’t wait for one more day so I have asked if I can pick it up the next day (Tuesday) so the payment cost was retracted to ₩45, 000.

I was surprised because my friend told me that notarization only cost ₩20, 000 per page, it turns out I have to pay for translation too so the documents will be notarized.  So the breakdown is ₩20, 000 for translation and ₩25, 000 for notarization.

Later in the evening I received a call that my document is not yet available for pickup the next day, so I have to pick it up on Wednesday.

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4 Responses to “Document Translation and Notarization in Seoul”

  1. josh says:

    Hi. Im josh cand im currently in korea. Hopefully u can help me with my problem regarding about the authentication. I’ll leave my email address. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Josh, Just visit the office address written in the calling card above, they can help you notarized your documents but with regards with authentication I think you have to do it in the country where your documents came from. Regards,

  2. […] my documents to be notarized I have decided to pay a visit at the KC Filipino store just beside the Han Bi Sa notarization office. It is not my first time in the store, my friend and I already ate there when I did my passport […]

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