Dog and Alertness

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As what I have blogged before our next door neighbor has a pet dog that keeps barking all the time. The other night while I am using the bathroom my husband scared me by standing in front of the door, so when I opened the door I immediately shout in fear that made the dog alert, and didn’t stop barking for almost two hours.

Alert Dog

Dogs has really the since of alertness, they know when something is wrong or someone is on danger that’s why they are called man’s best friend. I tried to walked in the hallway just to let the dog know that someone is on the building and there’s nothing to be scared of but still it didn’t stop him from barking, dunno if the dog gets nervous breakdown.

The owner moved the dog to different apartment when she knew that dog is loud at all times,  my husband and her accidentally see each other in the hall way and my husband told her about her dog barking attitude.

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