Dongdaemon – Gate of Rising Benevolence

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It’s Monday again, another great day to start in spite of the sad news that we had received last night, hubby’s maternal grandmother just left to be with her creator at the age of 92.  I have ask him if he is going home to Canada, he said no maybe because he cannot left his work here.

This is really a true blue Monday, anyway this is my shot taken in Dongdaemon, hubby walked me here after eating at the Everest restaurant (Nepalese cuisine) as a celebration of  our first wedding anniversary.

Heunginjimun, literally “Gate of Rising Benevolence” or more commonly known as Dongdaemun is a prominent landmark in central Seoul, South Korea. The Korean name “Dongdaemun” means “Great East Gate,” and it was so named because it was the major eastern gate in the wall that surrounded Seoul during the Joseon Dynasty. The gate is located at Jongno 6-ga in Jongno-gu.

The structure was first built by King Taejo during his fifth year of reign (1396). It was renovated in 1453, and the current structure is the one rebuilt in 1869.
Today, the area around Dongdaemun known as Dongdaemun Market includes upmarket shopping districts as well as several underground shops, stalls and markets that are open for much of the day. It has grown into the largest shopping center in South Korea. In 2007, the City of Seoul started Dongdaemun Design Project (DDP), to renovate what used to be Dongdaemun Stadium (an amateur baseball park). With world-famous architect Zaha Hadid’s design, when completed this structure is expected to be one of the most notable landmarks in downtown Seoul.
As of 2010, the Seoul Subway station name there was changed to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station.
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  1. SmilingSally says:

    Ryheanne, I'm so sorry for your husband's loss.

    I hope you have a Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Manang Kim says:

    Happy 1st wedding anniversary! And sorry for the loss of your DH grandma. Happy Monday!

    Blue Jar

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