Dream of Cat and Snake Fighting

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It was been a long time since I write about my dreams because I tend to forget them, when I wake up we’ve been busy collecting water and when it is time for me to sit and write about the dream I had at night I can’t remember what is it already. Wasn’t updating everyday as well since there isn’t something interesting happening in my life. I just stayed home, sleeping and watching TV.

Cat and Snake Fighting

Anyway, last night, my dream was a bit violent and scary; I saw my cat and white-greenish snake fighting in the field. The snake attacked my cat twice but he managed to move away although I don’t know if he was bitten. The snake was quite long and large; his was body taller than the bushy fields. Scared with what I have seen, I run back home but then I saw a what looks like a dead snake being coiled/tied in a post that made me scared and I already forgot the rest of my dream.

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