Dream of Searching a Room in an Apartment Hotel

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The other night, I had a dream that my family and I was in establishment that looks like an apartment hotel  we are carrying bags and we are looking for a family room, I am climbing a stairs looking at the doors of the rooms while mentioning the floor. Then my parents and sister went inside one room and says it was the room we are looking for, but I am not satisfied and continuously looking. I went to the room my family went in and it was quite small with one bed so I told them it was not the room we reserved, and while going out the room two doors open from both sides, a woman and a man came out from the two different door it looks like they were both going to a shared bathroom.

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Anyway, I lead my family to the room I have found down below, this room was a little bigger with two beds then I don’t know else what happened but I found ourselves in a hallway where we met an old man cleaning or fixing something, I asked him if he knew the room we are looking for and then he pointed a well-groom house across the green backyard and my dream ended.

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