Dream of Someone Chasing Me and Trying to Kill Me

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I was too tired to dream these past few nights then I was emotionally unstable yesterday morning after not getting enough sleep the previous night.  When I skipped meals or lacked of sleep I have notice I felt so down and emotionally sensitive. I am like a walking dead, alive from the outside but deep inside me I am so shattered and broken.

Anyway, my dream last night was another chased dream. It was a very tiring dream to run for your lives and I wonder if I didn’t run what would happen to me, am I still going to wake up after being killed in my dream?

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The dream takes place in a forest like setting, I don’t know how it started but I am being chased by someone which seems like a young foreigner teenage boy.  I run for my lives since my chaser is going to kill me, I run like there is no tomorrow and I don’t care if I fell while running or hit some branches.  Then out of nowhere another foreigner came out of rescue, it was like he is the father  of my chaser and he was telling the boy to stop but he keeps chasing me and eventually throw the weapon to hit me, I look at it when it land in the dirt, it was a jungle bolo, I run until I fell in a  ravine.  I saw myself next sitting inside a vehicle that looks like a jeep; it was full of older men and women who are also foreigners, they are all wearing white shirts and shorts.  It was like I was rescued by them, I was so scared, and my body is shaking from fear. They were so loud and happy; they were playing and touching each other like little kids and beside me is an old man sitting quietly.

I don’t know what the meaning of my dream but it feels so real especially when I was chased and trembling in fear after being rescued.

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