Dreaming of Seeing a Rainbow, Clouds and a Garden

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Dreaming at night is what I have enjoyed the most, it is one way for me to live in the magic realms of dreams to forget what is happening on my waking life, life is also different on my dreams, it has hope and promises.

Anyway, last night I have several dreams but when I wake up I can only recall one dream.  It was a dream of seeing a rainbow, my family was in my dream we are anticipating to see rainbow because we are notified that China will held an event and on my dream China can be seen in a top of a rocky mountain. We didn’t wait any longer, a colorful rainbow was formed in the top of the rocky mountain, and it was very exciting and full of fun. Then, the rainbow started to disengaged because it turns out the rainbow was formed by people holding a colorful lantern, from the mountain top J came flying towards me holding a lantern, and says this words “I want my wish come true” it leaves me startled what’s the wish he is saying, and then I saw myself with my sister and an older female cousin walking and finding the rest of the rainbow, we walked into a street but we can’t see the rainbow anymore because heavy  clouds form covering the rainbow, it looks like we are walking in a river bank because there is a lot of boats in the water, and in my dream I am seeing  sparkling light like electricity bolt  running with in the poles covered by heavy clouds, when I look at the right part of the street I am seeing a green garden which is well taken care of, in my dream  I have a thought that it is a Japanese garden and I have a desire to go there since I have looked at it twice, then my dream ended in confusion.

Dreaming a Rainbow

Looking at the meaning of my dreams online it tends to be positive like what I am wishing it should be, here’s what I have found, to see a rainbow in your dream represents hope, success and good fortune in the form of money, prestige, or fame. The rainbow is also seen as a bridge between your earthly, grounded self and the higher, spiritual self. It refers to joy and happiness in your relationship. Alternatively, the rainbow implies that your troubles are almost over. Good will comes out of your issues. Just hang in there.

To dream about a rainbow is very lucky and brings good luck to the dreamer. The rainbow portends happiness after many singular, unexpected events

A rainbow appearing in a dream is the promise of something better to come. The old story of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is so firmly entrenched in folklore that this meaning often comes across in dreams. – http://astrologyanswers.com/dream-interpretation/dream-dictionary/rainbow/

The meaning of clouds in a dream is clouds are inaccessible phenomenon for a person and symbolize the higher power. Previously it was thought that the clouds, likewise smoke and dust are left after divine carts passing through the sky. This association remains valid today. You can try to figure out what the clouds mean. Dreams of clouds can have two main interpretations that depend on other circumstances in the dream. They may mean rise and religious feelings, and may indicate that the dreamer is obscured in his life by the influence of something or someone. Clouds also warn of the possibility of difficulties and dangers ahead.

Clouds Dream

If you dream that cloud is silver gray, it symbolizes the upcoming end of depression. Big dark clouds predict danger and adversity for the dreamer; while small white clouds are a symbol of gaining peace and quiet after the previous trouble. 1.        Rainy clouds in dream suggest financial ease, goodness and blessings. Dark black clouds in dream are prophetic of hardship, fear and horror.   To see in dream that clouds have surrounded some place around you, then it is an indication of forthcoming knowledge and wisdom in proportion to the darkness and confinement caused by the clouds. – http://www.divinedreams.org/ibn-sirin-dream-interpretation/743-clouds-dream-meaning

While, dreaming of looking at a garden says, if one sees himself looking at a garden, and if he is unmarried, it means that he will meet a suitable woman and get married. If he is married, it means that he will receive joy from his wife equal to that which he received from the garden in his dream. A garden whose owner is known in a dream represents a mosque, a park, people of knowledge, ignorant people, the generous ones or the stingy ones. It also represents a meeting.

Dreaming a Green Garden

A lovely, clean cut garden with everything in it signifies that you are organized, but you have been acting rather rigid towards someone recently.

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