Drinking Buddies (Are they going to help?)

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According to the statistics, Odiongan has a bigger demand when it comes to alcoholic drink (esp. Gin). There is a time that Gin is out of supply in some store., Romblon is one of the poorest province in the Philippines. So how could these poeple manage to buy such alcoholic drinks?
I have been asking this question ever since, my father says he drink so he can sleep at night from a very tiring work during day time. Yes, they make those alcoholic drink as a relief for body pains. Working as a carpenter is a very tiring work, whole day in the sun hammering nails, cleaning woods, cementing walls and etc.
Other drinks alcoholic drink to forget problems, the question is did it help?
I have always heard my mother asking my father, does your drinking buddies will help when you get sick? Are they going to be there and give support?
The answer is NO, they will all disappear. No one will help you when you get sick, they know you as long you can buy and drink with them, they just know you beyond the table you are circling with. My late grandfather from Tarlac (motherside), has come through all this, everybody knows him when he have money, but when everything goes down no one has left from the many friends he had before, you cannot even see his drinking buddies. He died, because of lack of medical care, medicine.
We lived far from them they are on the North (Tarlac) and we are at the South (Romblon). My grandfather has no degree he works as “JUETENG agent” (it is like lottery). My grandmother has a small store but it melts because of competency when a big store opened in front of them and lack of financial to make it stable.

Well as I have said drinking buddies were not for keeps, there are times that a crime happened while drinking. Shot or killed by his drinking mate thats usual in newspapers.
I just hope when man drinks keep in mind what will happened if you got drunk…

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