Dumplings on the go

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There are times that I feel bored and tired eating food, since I arrived here in Korea I never got a chance to taste Filipino food anymore. I am tired eating ready to eat food, like canned goods and those food which are pre-heated.
Normally my food here consist of eggs, kimchi, tuna and some hotdogs which are different from the hotdogs I used to know.
We usually eat dumplings or shumai in other term, this is one of my favorite Chinese food. Dumplings are cooked balls of dough. They are based on flour, potatoes, bread or matzoh meal, and may include meat, fish, or sweets. They may be cooked by boiling, steaming, simmering, frying, or baking. Ingredients may be as a part of a filling, or mixed throughout the dumpling. Dumplings may be sweet, spicy or savoury. They may be eaten alone, in soup, with gravy, or in many other presentations. The most easiest for me to cook dumpling is by putting it in the oven the pour spaghetti sauce or soy sauce, and last night I just ate these dumplings without eating rice, I think I ate a lot because I feel like puking.

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