Earning Extra Cash from Home Through Printing

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Earning money from home is possible if you know how to work with it. My family is accepting research, photocopying, typing and printing job at home. I think it helps that I worked in internet providing company with internet shop a long time ago where my sister stays at my work during lunch break and there are times I let her work with me or as substitute when I am not feeling well and she has no class schedule in school.

When I sent home my old sluggish laptop, they bought a cheap printer to accept photocopying, typing and printing jobs.  The earning per day isn’t big, there are times there is and there are times there’s none.  It is expected because our house isn’t in town nor in front of a school, people who need things to be photocopied or printed just came when they need it. The earnings which is sure is the $2-3 earnings per week from printing service program for the church beside us and the same amount monthly for the electric cooperative in our barangay.  Isn’t big but it is one of the business that we though nobody can copy since not everyone knew how to do it.

Brother DCP-J100 Printer

The old cheap printer they bought is already worn out, there are times it stops printing and you have to hit the printer hard so it will run. When we left South Korea, I have send J’s printer home, they were able to use and have the ink converted to CISS but it didn’t take long because the cartridge stop working, it was initially dried up when it arrives to them and someone they knew just made a way to fix it but since the cartridge is only available in Korea the printer became useless. It was just left in the corner to collect dust.

When I am able to earn enough money online to buy a printer and I found a huge savings from an online portal, I bought a new printer to be use in our small business so there will no pain in the ass when the old printer stops, and my sister will not refill a lot anymore. The printer I purchased online is Brother DCP-J100 Multi-function printer, at first we thought it can copied legal size paper since it has 200-400% reducer but it turns out it only caters A4 size paper. The printer is CISS ready and by passing the close printer error is easy.

Well so far, within almost a month since we bought the printer we already earned almost $10, quite small but a little something is a blessing and it is better than nothing, isn’t it?  This little something is helpful to buy small things especially when my father doesn’t have a job. If your house is in town and near a school you can do this business too and surely your earnings is much bigger than what we earned at home. You might earned $10 per day or more if your location is good.

So far this is the home-based business that our neighbors can’t copy yet, but who knows in the future.

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