Eating Birthday Dinner at Greenfields Garden Resto-Cafe

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Celebrating my birthday is out of my plan, there was a part of me who would like too but there was part of me who doesn’t like too.  Anyway, instead of cooking something for my birthday we decided to went out for dinner tagging along our grandmother.

Eating out is economical and a wise decision than cooking at home, it will not just saves time but it will also save money because when celebrating it at home we couldn’t just eat alone without inviting or bringing food to my relatives, I could not just bring food to a neighbor’s house without bringing food to another and so on, typical Filipino culture.

Well, I have thought of eating at Harbour Chateau since I have not been there yet and I believed food wasn’t that expensive. We stopped their first to inquire but after finding out that their restaurant doesn’t suit, we went to Greenfields Garden Resto-Cafe situated at the back of a popular gas station. If I was not mistaken it was a snacks cafe first before it became a restaurant as well.

[Photo taken after we vacated our table]

When we arrived we are directed to a vacant table but someone suggested we could used the air-conditioned room so we did, there was three tables inside one is vacant, the other one was occupied by young students and the smaller one was just been vacated by the family we met outside.

We sat and look at their menu, it was bit expensive than Laszaji Grill and Mac’s Chicken & Barbeque Haus but since we are already there and we would like to try their food we ordered the food we like.  I have ordered three baby back ribs for myself, my sister and our father and fish nuggets for our grandma. My mother cannot choose what meal to get, she like barbecue chicken but she would like try their fish nuggets, she end up with barbecue chicken on her disappointment complaining it was small compare to our orders and salty, she started showing dis-likeness (tantrums as J calls it) so I have ordered a fish nuggets for her so we could eat peacefully. I have asked myself if I was like this with J, if I was, I was indeed very childish.

We have red ice tea for our drinks and their complimentary cold water. While waiting for our order, I shared how J and I enjoyed our baby back ribs meal in Brussels, Belgium. It was classic especially the beverage we have ordered wasn’t included in our bill (maybe it was free with the meal) and we literally sneaked out not paying for it, we have to traveled six months around Eastern Europe and Eastern Africa that time so we did a little mischief.

The food was served shortly, it took them less than twenty minutes to serve it compare to other restaurants in town that took a life time before they could served our food. Well, maybe because we are the only one eating at that time that’s why the service is fast. Anyway the food was great, the baby back ribs was tender and juicy. The fish nuggets were good as well as the bulalo soup, it was superb to my mother who is a very picky eater and their carbonara was a steal for me, I finally found a restaurant that could served my favorite pasta. We ordered extra rice to satisfy ourselves and as requested my sister’s dessert was served last.

Well, if you are looking for a good place to eat withand would like to try other food other than grilled chicken Greenfields Garden Resto-Cafe is a must try, their servers were very accommodating too, it was located at Brgy. Tulay, Odiongan Romblon, at the back of Petron Gas station which is just a little bit far beyond the Brgy. Liwanag bridge, beside the petrol station is a rice field.

Greenfields Garden Resto-Cafe
Barangay Tulay (near Petron), Odiongan, Romblon
OPENING HOURS: 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM
CONTACT: 567-6258

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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